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A Software Engineer, Mathematician, and Amateur Diver's Journey

I'm Howard, a senior fullstack developer at Oddle, a top F&B industry service provider based in Singapore, where I am leading software development with problem-solving and product-centric mindset.

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coding cat that is ready to dive

Next.js App Router Migration

As Next.js App Router structure becomes stable and claimed production-ready, I have been wondering how drastic changes it will bring to company projects. Hence starting the journey by migrating this blog to the new structure.

Introducing linked list

Linked lists are a fundamental data structure in computer science. They are often used to represent a sequence of elements, where each element is linked to the next one. In this post, we'll introduce linked lists and explore some algorithm questions related to them.

Common Data Structures in JavaScript

When it comes to data structures, the majority of textbooks typically demonstrate implementation using languages such as C or Java. However, with the increasing popularity of Jamstack, it is crucial to carefully evaluate and select efficient data structures for client-side state management as well, considering both their advantages and limitations.

Monorepo for large-scale React applications

When working on real-world enterprise solutions, it's common for software products to adapt to changes regularly using agile software development methodologies like Scrum. As a result, it becomes increasingly important for software developers to figure out how to create reusable components, share common building blocks, and develop with flexibility. With good practices, it can make development easier for the whole team and allow for better iteration of products.

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