Introducing Howardism: focus, focus and focus

Welcome to my blog! I'm Howard, a software engineer with a passion for technology and product development. On this blog, I'll be sharing my experiences and insights from my work in the tech industry, as well as my passions for math and diving.

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Content Management

This is actually the third time I've started to contribute more to writing things down. Most of the time during work, I usually skip summarising solutions and end up looking things up again and again. I've tried putting things down on paper, using digital notes like Notion, and exploring different CMS solutions like Strapi and DatoCMS to keep track of my personal content, but none of them have really worked out for me. In the end, I've decided to keep it simple and manage everything with git, like this blog.

As a practical mathematician, I'm always trying different solutions and each one has taught me something new about productivity tools and when to use them. Maybe we can have another day to share my thoughts on managing personal learning resources and how to easily share them with friends and teams.


Beautiful and lean designs of tech products have always impressed me and been my pursuit. However, knowing what looks stunning is very different from creating such designs. In the past, my blogs always looked a bit odd or were missing some fundamental details because I tried adding and changing too many different design elements. In the end, it was a total mess and I craved a carefully designed style system. Finally, I bought Tailwind UI and applied its original design elements. Although I am not yet confident in creating design from scratch, I will continue building on top of this minimal design for now.

With the template in hand, it gives me focus on what's most important. We can write whatever we want first and figure out how to improve it later.


English is my primary language at work, although I'm not as fluent as a native speaker. Hopefully this blog will help me improve my English writing, especially with the help of new AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 from OpenAI.

Anyway, happy 2023!

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